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Our Specialty

Our Aromatherapy Incense Sticks are popular among many clients because of soothing effect on nerves and relief of psychosomatic and neuralgic complaints. They are made employing blending and mixing processes, Preparation of incense is an art crafted by highly trained and experienced craftsmen who are proficient in creating unique savour of fragrances. These artisans meticulously blend, balance and take hand-selected natural ingredients in appropriate ratio. Even a slight change in ratio will dramatically change the scent, so to keep the subtlety of fragrances, we are sensitive to procedures and recipes. Owing to distinctive recipes made of exotic wood and aromatic plant substances which are finely ground and mixed together with exquisite essential oils, our motley of aromatherapy incense sticks is cherry-picked and preferably used in various spas, salons and aromatherapy centers.

We have penetrated the market with top sellers of 25 brands in 45 packing sizes. We have introduced our products in health care centers, food stores, gift shops, boutiques, restaurants, shops, salons, spas and many other places, serving the usage for a variety of purposes encompassing the ceremonies of almost every religion like funeral and wedding, to dispel malodorous & awful smell or odor, to repel flies or insects, to enliven and purify the atmosphere, to multiply the efficacy of aromatherapy, to attain simple sensory pleasure, and to improve the level of meditation. Our products include Indian traditional, floral, fruit, cosmetic, fancy, spicy, sandal wood (Chandan), natural, herbal and exotic fragrances. Aromatherapy based Agarbattis, specialized in Flora, Flexo Agarbatti (Nag Champa) like incense sticks are ideal for both worship and lifestyle item. Our Aromatherapy Incense Sticks are made up of natural resins, gums, herbs and other natural ingredients which contain therapeutic potential, particularly used for meditation, spiritual and natural healing, and aromatherapeutic purposes.

Product Range

The wide variety of incense sticks is offered by Raj Fragrance are as follows:

  •     Incense Sticks
  •     Herbal Incense Sticks
  •     Agarbattis
  •     Aromatherapy Incense Sticks
  •     Joss Sticks Cones
  •     Incense Coils
  •     Dhoops
  •     Incense Holders
  •     Incense Burners
  •     Room Fresheners
  •     Gift Packs, etc.

Manufacturing Process

  •     Leverage of skill and innovative methodology is preferred in the manufacturing process.
  •     The all steps cover the production of the incense sticks are as under:
  •     Cutting, trimming and cleaning of bamboo sticks or supporting sticks
  •     Preparing the mist paste and grinding the wood powder
  •     Mixing of powder with tragacanth gum or other binders
  •     Inc corporation of aromatic substances
  •     Applying essential oils and delicate perfumes


Packing of Aromatherapy Incense Sticks is both artistic and scientific works, artistic in terms of embellishing the look of products and scientific on account of selecting the right packaging material that should be moisture-proof and airtight in order to keep them fresh and retain original properties of the incense sticks. We also do custom-packaging according to individual preference of clients in order to do the make over of outer part of packing through the elegant paper wrap.

Some of the different kinds of packaging, which we use for our products are:

  •     Zip Lock Bags
  •     Box
  •     Cello
  •     Rice Paper Wrap
  •     Multiple Packing
  •     Pouch Packing

Infrastructural Set Up

We have set-up a modern infrastructure with all facilities to produce the export quality incense sticks. Our production unit is spread over a vast space of 10,000 square feet and capable of manufacturing over more than 1 million sticks per day. As our export market is gradually spreading, we are planning to expand our manufacturing unit to a bit more.

Apart from production unit, we have different other units, fully integrated with modern facilities and technology. A special mention is our quality control unit that is far superior than that of our many competitors. Our quality unit has fully fledged quality-control arrangement managed by professionals who check every product on our prescribed parameters.