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A myriad collection of Floral Incense Sticks & Natural Incense Sticks, prepared from the authentic and fine-quality aromatic substances and wood, therefore noted for exuding emollient and sense-comforting aroma in the mist of smoke.

About Us

Japanese call mon-koh means “listening to incense”, prepared the background for "Koh-do" the path of burning the incense sticks, implying the subtle fragrances of floral incense sticks that not only sooth the senses but also lay healing effects on sensory organs. The power of incense is evidenced in almost all religions and cultures, especially in Oriental societies where lighting incense is not only a religious ritual but also characterizes the meditation and relaxation promoting effects. Started in 1993 as a small-scale incense manufacturer, Raj Fragrance saw the immense potential in this industry because of dearth of quality incense manufacturer to suit customers' need. As we carry the sophisticated facet of incense customs, so we have carved a niche in the industry by manufacturing truly natural and high-quality Natural Incense Sticks to cater for clients all over the world. Over the years we have established ourselves in the marketplaces as a reputed Exporter, Supplier & Manufacturer of Floral Incense Sticks, Natural Incense Sticks, Herbal Incense Sticks, Joss Sticks Cones, Dhoop.

We produce a top-shelf variety of Floral Incense Sticks with time and tested formulas and distinctively delicate perfumes to render the incense an exotic touch for symbolizing noted attributes such as distinct & exquisite aroma and pleasing & soothing effect. Our large-size floral incense sticks with natural aromatic flavors and different woody aroma burn for an incredible 3-4 hours and smaller sticks last for at least one hour. Our specialized floral incense sticks and natural incense sticks are reputed for their exquisite fragrances with special mesmerizing and spellbinding effects. These natural incense sticks are used as lifestyle items particularly in drawing rooms, bed rooms, offices, and also used in temples and other sacred and holy places. These incense sticks are enjoying immense popularity in both Indian and overseas markets.

Fusion of Different Incense Customs

It is widely accepted that Buddhist Monks in India have developed the methods of burning and preparing the incense sticks two and half millennia ago, but the usage of incense sticks has gone through a great deal of metamorphosis from religious mores to sensory pleasures. Preserving a hoary heritage of Incense sticks preparation methods as well as employing modern production technology, we "Raj Fragrance" use not the synthetic binders and substances but prefer to aromatic plant substances and Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Costus and Nard Roots, and many more in manufacturing aesthetic varieties of Floral Incense Sticks which create loving and pleasing atmosphere through fragrant smoke.

Nag Champa Incense Sticks
Made of pure Natural Herbs and Perfumes, skilfully blended to perfection.
Floral Incense Sticks (Night Queen)
Natural Incense Sticks
Fruity Incense Sticks
We offer a wide range of grapes incense sticks that are apt to be used in any religious gathering to enhance the feel and aroma. They release lesser smoke and the fragrance of our sticks gives a soothing effect.

Mr. B. R. Sridhar

Mobile : 07210113563
Mr. B. R. Srinath

Mobile : 07210113563
No. 111, 2nd Main Road, P.O.Box No. 1858, Chamraj Pet, Bengaluru - 560018, Karnataka, India
Phone : 07210113563
Fax : 91-80-26613758
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